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“It’s not about perfection; it’s about the joy of striving.”
~ Thomas Keller

Hi. My name is Simon.

I can help you with building solutions to gain more insights about your company and your customers.

I am a fresh thinker with a passion for finding creative and elegant solutions for all of our everyday problems. My purpose is to redefine service by bringing together the fields of consumer behavior, marketing, sales, software development and data analysis. As a multidisciplinary M.Sc. with excellent communication skills, I can overcome any knowledge or communication gap. My belief is that knowledge is power - it helps you make better decisions. By combining code, data and a piece of my inspiration I can help you gain more knowledge about you, your company and what your customers really want.

Work method

quickly creating an oversight in loads of fuzzy datadefining abstract concepts in a concrete wayfinding out what the real problems are

speaking the language of multiple disciplines and bringing them all togetherstreamlining workflows and enhancing productivitycreating things that make sense

coming up with creative and elegant solutionsinfecting others with my enthusiasmencouraging people to think outside the box

Technology stack

languagestuff i buildtools i use
pythonweb applications, apis, web scrapers, recommendation systemsflask, django rest framework, pandas, sqlalchemy, beautifulsoup, pytest, aws (ec2, eb)
sqldatabases, etl pipelinespostgresql, aws (rds)
dockerconvenient dev & test environmentsdocker-compose, aws (ecr/ecs)
javascriptinteractive graphs, web app frontendsjquery, chartjs
htmldashboards, webpageshtml5, jinja2
gitconvenient source control flowsgithub, gitlab
bashserver install scripts, rsync scripts, cronjobsbash, zsh, vim

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